Kopasetic are a roots, folk and reggae outfit from Canberra, Australia. The three (and sometimes five) piece draw from a diverse range of musical influences and are known in Canberra for the musicianship behind their originals, contemporary covers and instrumentals. Kopasetic's original music is riddled with soundscapes from around the world and has created a "deep, heavy dialect of folk music" not commonly heard in Canberra, let alone Australia. The off-beat music is characterised by the presence of thought-provoking lyrics, deft fingerstyle guitar, lead bass work and a worldly drum presence. For an acoustic band, Kopasetic's sound is a powerhouse, and they never cease to surprise audiences with the depth of emotion each member can pull from their instrument. 

Formed in 2018, Kopasetic have made their mark on Canberra's music scene, having featured at a series of sold-out shows at some of Canberra's prime venues like Smith's Alternative, the Phoenix and the Polish Club. Kopasetic were one of two bands on the final bill of the historic Phoenix Pub. The lads have keen eyes on moving forward with the future in Canberra and Australia. They launched their debut EP on August 2nd to a sold out audience and have an itch to become known in Australia's folk and roots festival scene.  


Photos By: Simon Thorp & Cultura Clandestino

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